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From one-on-one coaching to coordinating community storytelling events, my work begins with compassion and ends with community.

So, what story will you tell?


I have over ten years of experience as a professional storyteller, story coach, and community events coordinator. This time includes coordinating and hosting the Storytelling Showcase at Oregon Country Fair; co-creating the annual storytelling event, Intertwined; directing the virtual storytelling event, The Essentials, at Lane Community College; co-creating the Eugene, Oregon community storytelling event The Bramble; performing at Arctic Entries of Anchorage, Alaska; and assistant directing and performing with the Rehearsals for Life troupe at the University of Oregon for four years.

My passion for storytelling is founded in using it as a tool for personal empowerment and community development.


As a story coach my goal is to help every storyteller develop the confidence, courage, and structure their story deserves. This is accomplished through a series of writing, editing, and rehearsing sessions where I take time getting to know the storyteller as we collaboratively explore the possibilities of the story and engage in exercises to make tough editing choices and embody the story for performance.

Bring me to your school, organization, or community to help guide the production of a dynamic and heart-centered storytelling event. Or, hire me for individual coaching sessions to empower your storytelling goals and bring your story to life.


Watch this recording of The Essentials, which I directed for the Student Production Association of Lane Community College, to get a sense of my work and style.

This project was created in Fall of 2020 when in-person programming was not possible. I had multiple Zoom-based story coaching sessions with storytellers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Other collaborators on this project include the Dance Department of Lane Community College and musician Cullen Vance.

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