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I am an enthusiastic and passionate writer and performer whose work explores themes of nature, Queer identity, masculinity, and mental health. I sit with the intersection of these themes, questioning the foundations of toxic masculinity, exploring the realm of queer possibility, and embodying the self as a element of nature and vice versa.

Image: Performing at the Oregon Country Fair, 2019

Eric Fair.jpg

Performance Work Sample


This album was a collaboration with musician Cullen Vance. It was written through an artistic dialogue of poetry and music, creating works back and forth inspired by each other's art. This album gives insight into my performance style.


Written Work Sample


I’d like to exhale this past year

like I’m watching my breath

turn to steam on a cold winter day

little particles left of what fed me

and each bit of toxin I no longer need

dissipating in a cloud until

all that’s left is empty lungs

ready for filling with fresh air


I’d like to enter this new year

gulping down a deep, glorious inhale

like the kind you take after

holding your breath under water

in a contest of endurance

one where I don’t fear what

fleck may catch in my throat

just faith I’ll pull what I need


a collective sigh at 11:59

a deep breath at midnight

a cheers to oxygen and tomorrow

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