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Poetry commissions are a great way to celebrate important life moments like weddings, retirements, and graduations; commemorate the life of loved ones; or appreciate the special someone(s) in your life! I provide multiple options to help fit your budget and goals. Look through the options below and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

To request a commission, send a message through my Contact Form. Please include the name of the option you are interested in and your preferred date of completion in the message.

Recipients are welcome to print, reproduce, post, and distribute commissioned poems however they see fit. No poem is allowed to be submitted for publication of any sort without artist's explicit, written permission.



- Poem paired with watercolor art

- Poem paired with audio recording

- Poem as a digital file

- Short poem as a digital file

- Drop-A-Prompt Poem

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Live Writing



  • A Professional Poet Writing 6-8 Poems Per Hour in Response to Submitted Prompts 

Cost: $100/hour

Hire me for your event, party, or mixer to provide a special gift to guests in attendance. I will station myself to write short on-the-spot poems responding to prompts submitted by attendees. Poems can be collected and shared with the full group or collected and taken home by attendees. I am able to complete approximately 6-8 poems per hour.


Are you looking for more poems per hour to be written? No worries! I am happy to recruit some other poet friends to join in the effort. Hourly rate is per poet per hour.

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